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The heart of home church


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Why Connect Groups?


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How Do Connect groups work?


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15 Connect Groups Do's


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10 Connect Groups donts


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Connect group Categories

Whilst not an exhaustive list, here's some ideas..... 

  • Book/DVD Study - Anything by Joseph Prince
  • Book/DVD Study - Anything by Beth Moore
  • Book/DVD Study - Anything by Priscilla Shirer
  • Book/DVD Study - Anything by TD Jakes
  • Book/DVD Study - Anything by Tim Keller
  • Book/DVD Study - Anything by Robert Morris
  • Book/DVD Study - Anything by John Maxwell
  • Book/DVD Study - Anything by Andy Stanley
  • Book/DVD Study - Anything by Brian Houston
  • Book/DVD Study - Anything by Bobbie Houston
  • Book/DVD Study - Anything by Jimmy/Karen Evans
  • Book/DVD Study - Anything by Craig/Amy Groeschel
  • Interest Connect Group - Cooking
  • Interest Connect Group - Baking
  • Interest Connect Group - Crafts
  • Interest Connect Group - Football
  • Interest Connect Group - Squash
  • Interest Connect Group - Golf
  • Interest Connect Group - Tennis
  • Interest Connect Group - Running/Fitness
  • City Workers Connect - Meeting early in London
  • Family Connect - Children Welcome!
  • Young Adult Connect - Age Specific
  • Song Writing Connect - Creative
  • Prayer Connect - Praying with friends
  • Business Entrepreneurs Connect 
  • Sunday Message Notes - Discussion & Dinner
  • Sisterhood Connect Group - Mornings
  • Sisterhood Connect Group - Afternoons
  • Sisterhood Connect Group - Evenings
  • Mens Connect Group - Morning Coffee & Word
  • Mens Connect Group - Evening Coffee & Word
  • Mens Connect Group - Bible Study Group
  • Bible Study Connect - Psalms
  • Bible Study Connect - Proverbs
  • Bible Study Connect - Discovery/New To Faith
  • Outreach Connect - Training & Sharing
  • Book/DVD Study - Anything by Charles Swindoll
  • Book/DVD Study - Anything by Steven Furtick
  • Book/DVD Study - Anything by Jentzen Franklin

Part 10

Useful Information

Use these additional notes and documents to help you lead your connect group well. 

CG leader Training Notes

Read the outline notes from the connect group leader training videos above and unpack further the A-Z of leading a connect group at Home Church.

Read here >>

Purpose & Values

Home Church exists to lead people into a relationship with Jesus Christ, help them find their place in His Church and become all that God intended them to be.

Read here >>


See how we view God, Jesus, the Bible, man, and many significant aspects of our faith. Firmly rooted in Scripture, our beliefs guide our decisions as a church.

Read here >>

how we care

People matter to us because they matter to God and we place people at the top of our priority list. This will mean mess, time investments, challenging situations and all the complexities that come with relationships but it's worth the effort because people matter.

Read here >>

How we lead

These principles work hard just like we do. We use them every day, ranging from discussing new ideas to deciding on the best solution in a complex relational issue. These strengthen our team from top to bottom and help us develop leaders around us.

Read here >>

how we help people grow

Discipleship is about having your character formed by the Spirit. It involves responding to God, living in fellowship with other Christians and having your entire personality - your instincts and everything - shaped by Jesus.

Read here >>

Safeguarding policy

Read our safeguarding policy for guidance when caring for vulnerable adults and children. For further questions, assistance or help please contact our safeguarding officer: email 

Read here >>

Data protection policy

We ask all volunteers and staff to read and understand our data protection policy. 


Read here >>


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