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In September 2013 we moved with our young family to Hertfordshire in England to pioneer a brand new church. We dreamt of planting a church where people were transformed through a relationship with Jesus and where they would become all that God has called them to be. It would be a place that challenged the wrong perceptions of Jesus and a place where people would invite their family and friends to join them. 

It's fitting that the story of Home Church started in our home. Always with the desire to see people added to the church, it wasn't long before the front room in our home became too small. Every Sunday new people arrived at the door searching for like-minded people, excited about what could be.

We prayed together, ate together and dreamt together. This is also where our kids ministry started. In a simple garage at the back of our home. We all pitched in. We all gave what we could and never looked back.

The short time in the house getting to know people was exciting. These early months uniquely shaped us for the future, learning as we went, helping us understand the unfolding of the vision.

Pioneering isn't for everyone. It's never as easy as it looks. We were sure we were in the right place at the right time and eagerly awaiting what God had in store next.

In November 2013 we began looking for somewhere to gather on Sundays that could accommodate the growing Home Church family and stumbled across a local school library. It wasn't pretty, but in the excitement of the moment we hardly noticed the bright green carpet or uncomfortable chairs. 

As the months came and went we found ourselves in a familiar place: looking for a larger venue. With a clear picture of the church we hoped to mature into we searched for a suitable home for our Sunday services that fit with our vision. Never underestimate the impact of your surroundings. 

We tried but failed to secure a great theatre in the centre of the city. A pioneer never takes no for an answer. We asked again. We prayed.

Persistence won the day and we soon moved into our new Sunday home with momentum and anticipation soon after Easter 2014. In this simple 140 seater theatre we got a glimpse of what God was building and we saw new people of all ages added every week. We couldn't anticipate what would happen next.

With our Sunday services overflowing, we took a chance. An audacious, faith-fuelled move. As many who have gone before us will testify, God responds to faith. In April 2015 we moved from the theatre to a nightclub, where we still meet today. As our church family continues to grow, so does our expectation and conviction that God is doing something significant.

In 2017 we moved to three services each Sunday in Hatfield to make room and create more choices so people can worship together with their family each weekend.

Our temporary homes have chronicled our story so far - a story of faith, faithfulness and favour. As Home church grows stronger and larger we believe this is only the beginning. We are more excited and committed than ever before and we invite you to join us as we turn the page of the next chapter....





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