Lead the way

We are always on the look-out for fantastic leaders who bring positive energy to our team and create an experience that people will want to keep coming back to. Take on the challenge of leading the way and we will help you grow in your gifting over time. The Welcome Team at Home Church is about enthusiasm, excellence and a commitment to see everyone feel welcomed when they come to church. Our team lead by example, are always driven by our values and make it their priority to ensure everyone is greeted with a smile!

Read more below about our amazing team along with a little about why and how we do what we do.



meet the team

Let us introduce some our team behind the scenes..

Andres Pinzon

9.30am Service Leader

Email: andreioubogota@gmail.com

Call: 07741 475304


Kevin Lui

11.30am Service Leader

Email: kevinliu96@icloud.com

Call: 07846 786819

Alex Williams

4.00pm Service Leader.

Email: alex.williams4@live.co.uk

Call: 07749 241843

Therefore welcome one another as Christ has welcomed you, for the glory of God.
— Romans 15:7


Our Mission

To make everyone feel that they belong, are valued, and known by name.

What we do

A few things that make us who we are....


W - Walk & Talk

We don't just point people in the right direction, we walk and talk them to their destination.

E - Enthuse & Enerize

We are full of enthusiasm and energy. We bring our best attitude, ready to brighten up someones day.

L - Learn people's names

We learn people's names and remeber them when they return. 


C - Commit 

We are always on time and commit to being ready when people begin arriving.

O - Offer help

We are here to help, whether carrying a bag, showing around the venue or simply introducing people to others in the life of the church.

M - Make it our own 

We take ownership and welcome people as if we were welcoming people into our own home.



We are the most encouraging people you'll meet. No matter what the weather, we'll find something encouraging to say!


How we do it

Every Sunday we come expectant to God’s House, knowing that HE will do something in people's lives, believing that they would leave different to the way they came in. We value everyone that comes to Home church, we see them as God’s creation and as a part of the body of Christ. With that in mind we would like to create the best welcome experience that people can have and have a way of doing things to make this a reality.

Here's a few important things we ask of every team member:

  • Be on time.

  • Attend the team brief before the service.

  • No use of your mobile phone while serving.

  • Stay at the position that you have been allocated (unless you are walking visitors into church).

  • Wear your Welcome Team t-shirt at all times when you are serving.

  • Have the full Welcome Team t-shirt on show (unless you are outside then you can wear a jacket over the top).

  • Responding on the WhatsApp group to let us know you are available to serve.


Where we do it

Our team are stationed at strategic positions to ensure everyone get the best possible welcome. Here is a brief overview and explanation below.

Screen Shot 2017-04-21 at 14.56.50.png

Welcoming Locations

1 As people drive into the car park

2 As people walk out of car park towards church

3 Front door

4 Bottom of the stairs

5 Top of the stairs

6 Entrance to the Auditorium


For every service we will have 2 people located at each position.