Leadership is our focus

When Home Church launched in September 2013, it was with the mission to “lead people into a relationship with Jesus Christ, help them find their place in His Church and become all that God intended them to be.” This goal continues today, but as the church has grown we recognise the need for a larger team of leaders to see the mission continue. The complexities of a growing church requires focus remains on increasing our leadership capacity, by maintaining a pioneer spirit, developing a growth culture and possessing an all things are possible mindset.

Whatever the matter, it’s a leadership matter
— Andrew Cherrie



Our leadership principles aren’t just a pretty inspirational wall hanging. These principles work hard, just like we do. Leaders at Home Church use the, every day, whether they’re discussing ideas for expansion, deciding on the best solution in a complex relational issue or recruiting volunteers. It’s just one of the many things that makes Home Church the amazing place it is.


Leaders Lens

We have a leaders mindset. Whatever the matter, leadership matters. Our team approach every situation, task or challenge with a leaders mindset.



We take responsibility for everything, every department, every challenge and every mess. It doesn't have to be 'our' thing or our mess, we act as is we own it. 


Change is our friend and we love it when it turns up. We can adapt and move quickly when opportunity comes knocking. 

Do Things Right

We do what is right not what is easy. Character matters to us. Not all shortcuts are as good as they look and we don't mind taking the long way around.

One Vision

We get behind the vision. We value followship as much as we do leadership. We don't wander from the vision, edit or adapt it. We embrace it and live it.

Develop Leaders

We measure success not in terms of how many followers we have but how many leaders we have raised up. We are confident and empower others.



We always find ways to keep things simple. We love cutting the red tape and bend some rules if necessary. We value clarity and simplicity.


Earn It

Leadership is not a title, badge or special entitlement. It's something we earn, an honour and we work hard at it when we receive it.

Dream Big, See Small

We have an expansive, wide open vision but don't neglect the details, daily routine or the person in the picture. It's always about he one.


Leadership is thought through and planned. If we fail to plan we plan to fail. There are no excuses for late communication, 'winging' it or associating with 'last minute dot com' leadership.

Disagree & Commit

We respectfully challenge decisions when we disagree, even when doing so is uncomfortable. We do not compromise for the sake of social cohesion. However, once a decision is determined, they commit wholly.


Face To Face

Our preference is always face-to-face. We are personal. Email, text, group chats are all good communication tools but we never eliminate face to face interaction. We are relational leaders not automated ones.