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Kingdom Builders

Kingdom Builders are men and women in our church who want to be visionary, strategic and financial leaders with a heart for the kingdom of God. 

Kingdom Builders is a ministry for those who have a heart to build the kingdom by giving £2500 or more annually, over and above their tithes and offerings which allows us to resource the vision and speed up the expansion of Home Church. It was out of the generosity of our church that we have been able to do all God has called us to do so far. We’re excited to see what more God has in store for this ministry of our church.

We believe, not only will Kingdom Builders advance the vision and expansion of Home Church through new initiatives, but also be a blessing personally in every individual’s life. We meet together throughout the year to inspire vision and report on our projects and initiatives as they unfold.


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What specifically are Kingdom Builders financing?

Kingdom Builders speed up the vision and expansion of Home Church, enabling us to resource new buildings/facilities, buy new equipment, launch new services and get exciting new ministries off the ground. Each year has a specific focus which is shared at Kingdom Builders gatherings throughout the year.


Why is Kingdom Builders only for those giving over and above tithes and offerings?

We believe that our first priority is taking care of the day to day and honouring God by bringing our tithes into the local church. 


When can I make my contribution?

Kingdom Builders donations are due in full by the end of June each year and can be given monthly, quarterly or annually.


Can I give more than I pledge?

We recognise that you may have a desire to increase your giving or have an unexpectedly fruitful year and so of course we welcome any further contributions you are able to make throughout the year.


What happens when Kingdom Builders gather?

We hear more about the vision and get updates on how our expansion initiatives are going, as well as hearing from our Lead Pastors about the future of Home Church.


When do Kingdom Builders meet?

*The following dates are when we will host Kingdom Builders Nights 2018/19.

Monday 8th October 2018

Monday 11th February 2019

Monday 10th June 2019




If you have any further questions please contact Steve Low,

*These dates may be subject to change.

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Becoming A Kingdom Builder 

We invite you to join our Kingdom Builders initiative by completeing and submitting the form below. Thnak you in advance for your desire to be a visionary, strategic and financial leader with a heart for what God is doing at Home Churhch.


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Meet Steve

Kingdom Builders Leader

Steve leads the men and women in our church who want to be visionary, strategic and financial leaders with a heart for the kingdom of God. Steve is married to Liz and enjoys watching football, traveling and spending time with family.

Connect with Steve on Instagram @low.stephen